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Regulation rules the world

Uncertain times call for greater assurance.

There are multiple pieces to establishing and maintaining compliance but in short, Utilmate is compliant with the energy regulations in Australia. We engaged the services of Compliance Quarter to undertake an independent audit of the Utilmate system and related material, for the purposes of assessing compliance with the energy regulations in Australia.

The objective of the audit was to verify that Utilmate has suitable systems compliant with the below requirements, to meet retailer obligations under the Retail Law and Retail Rules:

- National Energy Retail Law;
- National Energy Retail Rules Version 20; and
- Energy Retail Code (Victoria) Version 15.

To achieve the audit objective, Compliance Quarter undertook:

  • - Desktop review of relevant Utilmate templates, procedures and plans;
  • - Review of demo Utilmate system;
  • - Consultation with Utilmate personnel where required;
  • - Identification of compliance gaps against the legal and standard requirements set out above; and
  • - Develop an audit report highlighting findings and key remedial actions for compliance.


We believe that proactive governance is a leading indicator of compliance and risk.  Utilmate provides confidence that our customers can control risk and reduce manual processes.

Read the full report
Send us an email if you would like to read Utilmate's Energy Retail Compliance External Audit report.


About Compliance Quarter
Compliance Quarter is a compliance management service (based in Australia) with significant experience in regulatory compliance. Drop the team at Compliance Quarter an email if you’d like a similar audit performed on your business.

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