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Don’t let the message area in your invoice go to waste!

Invoices can be more than just getting paid. They can be a marketing tool too!

Invoices are important to your business - without them, you aren't going to get paid for the goods and services that you've provided. When you don't have money coming in the door, it's tough to stay in business.

Invoices can be more than just getting paid.  They can be a marketing tool that can build long-lasting relationships with your clients.

Utilmate can add additional text to your invoices.  You can view the location of the message on the invoice, set the priority of the message and whether it's active. 

Invoice message

Learn more about Invoice Messages.

Here's a couple of ideas for additional messages:

Thank You
A simple phrase like "thank you for being our customer." It's a small gesture that can build your relationship and demonstrates how sincere you are about their ongoing business.

You can provide an incentive to your customers by offering a discount or bill contribution if they refer you to a family member, friend, neighbour, or colleague.

Current offers
If you have any upcoming promotions or new services, you can convert your invoice into a powerful marketing tool so that your customers are aware of these offers and won’t miss out.

Warning for overdue invoices
You could also remind your customers the consequences if they don't pay an invoice on time with a friendly message such as "Just as a reminder, there will be a 2% penalty on all late payments."

Ask for feedback or suggestions
This is an excellent opportunity to improve your business by asking your customers questions if they’re satisfied with your work, customer service, and what other services they would like to see you add in the future. Asking for feedback shows that you value their opinions.

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