Multifamily communities




Utilmate offers multifamily property owners, managers and landlords a utility billing and collection solution. Maximize expense recovery, boost operational productivity, and keep your residents happy.


Utilmate can bill any number of services including electric, gas, hot/cold water, internet, telecommunications, cable and more. We make it simple to itemize each service into one bill making it easier for your residents and you! No situation is too complex.


Utilmate is specifically designed and configured to your exact needs.



Advanced meters

Submetering: Utilmate performs complex interval data and rate calculations which provides your residents with accurate billing reflecting their usage.

Ratio Billing System (RUBS): Whether your property has multiple units varying in size and/or common areas, Utilmate can customize allocation factors and billing frequency. Allocations factors may be occupancy, square footage, layout and amenities.


Resident and Manager online portal

24/7 access to your branded online portal for property managers and residents.  Residents have access to their account details, make payments, set up direct debits, move in or out as well as view usage.  Property managers can view the utility consumption of individual units or entire buildings, run reports and perform various functions (move residents in or out of a unit).

Resident demand tariffs
Utilmate provides billing and collection solution for multiple charges (electric, gas, hot/cold water, internet, telecommunications, cable and more) all on the same bill.  You'll reduce the risk of manual errors and accelerate bill payment.

credit debit payments

Residents can set up direct debits and Managers can offer prompt payment discounts as a way of increasing collection rates. Utilmate can also send payment prompts to customers via SMS messages and email reminders straight into their inbox.


Our software is cloud-based and is available where, when and how you want it - you're always connected.


Utilmate is a proven utility billing solution delivered by experienced professionals. When you use Utilmate for your utility billing, you have access to:

  • 24/7 property manager access allowing them to view utility consumption of the building or an individual unit, run reports and perform various functions in real-time.
  • Residents can log in into their online account portal to administrator their account - move in/out, set up a direct debit, make payments and view their usage amongst other activities.
  • Extensive range of daily, weekly and monthly report.  Some key reports are consumption profiling (billed and unbilled for each building or individual unit), aged accounts, vacant and occupied sites, upcoming direct debit payments and payment plans.


Stop using multiple vendors to maintain multiple services - Utilmate is your one-stop-shop for utility billing software.

Try our 60-day trial for free with access to the full version to try every feature.
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Anytime, Anywhere

Utilmate is available where, when and how you want it. You’ll no longer be tied to the desk. Our software is cloud based so you're always connected.

Automation and Exception Management

All key invoicing and collection processes are fully automated. The dashboards enable you to quickly view exceptions.

Dynamic Searching

User friendly dynamic searching allows customers, contact, sites and meters to be found quickly and easily.

Mobile Meter Reader

Equipt your meter readers/field agents with the ability to enter meter readings and record notes using a smartphone or tablet device to transmit to your office.

User Friendly CRM

All customer, contact, accounts receivable, credit control, site, meter and usages information in one place.

Customer Portal

Let your customers view and manage their own accounts. Usage, ebilling invoices, move-in, move-out, set up direct debits and make payments are available to your customers.

Accounts Receivable

Invoicing, receipting and adjustments updating customers in real time. No delays.


A range of maintenance function for you to control system set-up and outputs.

Customer Support

Our support team are available via email, online chat and ticketing system. Video tutorials and our extensive knowledge makes Utilmate even easier to use!

Credit and Collections

Automated collection paths, varying for different customer groups and all activities.

Invoices and Statements

Your most important piece of correspondence with your customer. Get your invoice looking the way you want it.  Add your own logo, branding, payment terms and more.


An extensive range of useful and insightful reports produced daily, weekly and monthly.

Seamless Integrations

Utilmate effortlessly integrates with our chosen partners and integrations to help automate your billing and collection processes.