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About Utilmate

We are a part of the Agility CIS group, bringing over 20 years of energy industry experience to this rapidly evolving and ever increasing world of apartment living and embedded networks.

Our offer

If you’re a body corporate, community manager, embedded network operator, licensed or authorised retailer, managing your customers has become more complex in recent years. The introduction of advanced meters, the ability for individual apartments and sites to choose their own energy provider, and the ever increasing regulatory landscape have all made being one of these "off-market" utilities increasingly complex.

Why choose us

We designed Utilmate to be a hassle-free solution to take the complexity out of being an energy retailer.

Get up and running using our simple set-up wizards and then let the automated processes take care of your customers and cashflow.

Utilmate is a complete data-to-cash cloud subscription service for utilities.


Level 10, Agility House
56 Cawley Ave, Ellerslie 1051
Auckland, New Zealand

Phone Numbers

NZ phone: (+64) 9 623 3300
Aus phone: (+64) 3 9020 8158