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Almost there! Something way better.

It’s happening - are you ready?
Things are about to change!

New DashboardKeep your eyes open and your dashboard refreshed, as we're launching our new dashboard shortly, that we know you'll love.  

The new dashboard look and experience is centred around convenience and speed. Trust us, it's an entirely new way to experience Utilmate and we want you to try it soon.


  • Activities
    You'll be able to view all your recent activities.
  • Run Scheduled Tasks
    View your recent tasks, select and run tasks, or upload files.
  • Charts
    A quick glance of your ATB, MyAccount Usage, Treatment and Vacant Sites charts.
  • Role-Based Security
    You’ll be able to apply security groups to your users to control which dashboard items, reports, or maintenance screens users can access. We've created a new read-only role whereby users can’t add or edit information.
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