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MyAccount new features

We've added some cool new functionality to Utilmate's MyAccount customer portal which will:

* Improve customer onboarding
* Reduce churn by re-engaging users that are evaluating competitors or unsatisfied with existing limitations
* Improve loyalty by proving to your existing customers that you are listening to their needs and moving quickly
* Boost retention by getting customers hooked on a feature that helps them

Best of all, you don't need to do anything if your MyAccount is integrated with Ezidebit or Stripe, we've already done it.

Direct debit with Ezidebit

with Ezidebit

If your customers have already set up a direct debit, the MyAccount portal will now display this.
For customers that want to change their existing direct debit, click on the "edit direct debit details" button and complete the form.
These new details will flow through to CRM and a confirmation letter sent. The invoice will continue to show the notification in the payment advice section.

More info on
Ezidebit Direct Debit


Instant Bill Payment with Stripe


with Stripe

Pay your bill without creating an account
Your customers may wish to make a one-time credit card payment rather than logging in to the MyAccount customer portal.  Now they can!
All they need to do is enter their account number and click the "verify" button to make the payment.
This is a good option for customers who haven't registered for MyAccount.

More info on
Stripe instance payment

Digital Payments


We understand your diverse customer base and have introduced integrated digital payment channels to make it easy for your customers to pay.
To connect to any of our payment channels, select Add-On's from the Maintenance menu in CRM.

More info on our
Payment Partners


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