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Print, stuff and deliver with Bing mail

Eliminate the hassle and reduce the cost of printing, folding, stuffing, and mailing your business-critical communications. Utilmate's newest integration Bing, an online postal mailing system, does it all for you. 

Once all your invoices have been prepared, they need to be sent out in a timely and efficient manner - it's almost another full-time job in itself.  Free up staff for other tasks while the boring, menial business of printing and sending invoices can be entirely outsourced to Bing.

Find out more about Bing Mail integration.

To set up Bing

In Utilmate, click on the Add on's menu option and press the connect button.  We'll contact you to confirm your return mail address and give you a run-through of the process.


Bing's hybrid mail solution enables your staff to send mail without ever leaving their desk - no printing, no folding, no tricky equipment, no maintenance hassles. Bing saves time, increases productivity and eliminates hidden costs. It allows you to send as few as one, or many thousands of letters at a time within Utilmate.


Note: Bing is only available in Australia.

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