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Providing better support for you

We're implementing Zendesk as our new support tool which is an all-in-one simple tool for tracking, prioritising and responding to customer support tickets. 


One-stop-shop for help desk support.


Helps us to keep track of support requests so they don't fall through the cracks and get lost in an email or a random Trello card.

You'll be kept in the loop about of progress by automatic email updates on ticket status or new comments.



Response times and severity levels can be monitored.

Submit a Request

Our new ticketing tool allows you to connect with us through web or mobile, or start a conversation directly through email. 

All tickets are tracked so you'll know exactly what is happening with your issue, or tickets within your company.

The ticketing system is integrated with our User Guide, helping you to answer the simple things yourself.

Help Guide


Our existing support tool Trello is being decommissioned from Friday 18  September 2020, and we're migrating all customers onto the new platform this week.  We'll also migrate any in-progress tickets into Zendesk.


What you'll need to do

  1. We'll email an invitation to staff members who have contacted us this year to create a Zendesk Support login profile.
  2. Watch your inbox this week for your invite as we migrant existing Trello users to Zendesk.


How it works

  1. Send an email: Emails to are automatically converted into a ticket, once your Zendesk profile is created.
    Fill out a support request: Complete the Submit a request form from our User Guide and a ticket is automatically created.

    All support requests from the above channels become support tickets capturing your request, and all the conversations our team have with you along the way to solving your issue.
  2. You'll receive email notification of your ticket, including the link to the ticket and issue details.
  3. We'll assign a support agent to work on your issue and resolve it.  Throughout the ticket life-cycle, you'll receive progression updates and be able to update the ticket yourself.
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