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Put your receivables into autopilot

When it comes to collecting cash that's tied up with your customers, efficiency makes all the difference. Create a seamless, intuitive automated collection and payment experience with Utilmate's Treatment functionality.

By automating treatments, your accounts team is free to focus on activities that matter to your business; building strong relationships with your customers and getting paid faster.


What is a treatment?

Treatments are a set of credit collection tasks or alerts which includes sending collection notices if a customer fails to pay an invoice or has an overdue balance.

Our intelligent automation functionality lets you stay ahead of the monthly collection processes by ensuring your customers are aware of upcoming invoice dates and necessary payments.

  • - You have the flexibility to set up your own customised pre-defined collection rules for different account types.  
  • - With Utilmate's treatments you can:
  • - Use standard out-of-the-box templates or build your own unique communications
  • - Choose the frequency and tone of communications to match the risk profile
  • - Select the type of communication you want to send (sms, email or post)
  • - Create as many treatment paths as you need based on your payment categories and type of receivable




If you would like assistance with setting up treatments or editing your existing ones, please get in touch as we are happy to help.

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