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Utilmate partners with Ezidebit

Utilmate has teamed up with Ezidebit to deliver our clients a robust direct debit solution that helps to keep your business cash flow in check.

Maximise the number of customers on direct debit and minimise your admin time managing direct debits by providing your customers with a fast, easy and secure experience.

Talk with us about the suitability and benefits of Ezidebit in your business and see how easy it is to get started.

ezidebit integration


Set up customers with direct debit

Allow customers to set themselves up for direct debit, so you don't have to chase late payments again.

Ezidebit direct debit

We've integrated the Ezidebit eDDR (Electronic Direct Debit Request) in the My Account customer portal. It's designed to capture bank account or credit card Direct Debit Request authorisations and create the payer in the Ezidebit’s system.

If you would like to reduce double handling of direct debit customers, spend less time chasing debtors and remove awkward conversations with your customers, talk to us about Ezidebit integration. It's your one-stop payment provider.  


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